What Is Competitive Dance?

In our last post, we talked about recreational dance and its benefits for social, health, and educational purposes. But dancing at its heart is a sport – and a competitive one at that! While people seem to regard dance as an enjoyable pastime or hobby, it requires...

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What Is Recreational Dance?

There are so many different styles, grooves, and techniques in the world of dance. Many of these fall under the category of recreational dance. But what exactly is recreational dancing and why is it so fun? At Encore Studios, we offer a variety of classes for students...

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When Should Your Child Start Dance Classes?

You can tell that your toddler has her own groove and loves to get up and bounce to the music that's playing on the radio. You want to keep this passion alive in your young one, but how old should your child be before they start taking recreational dance classes? The...

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Welcome to Encore Studios!

Welcome to Encore Studios! We are the premier provider of dance instruction in the Fort Mill and Lancaster, SC areas. For 15 years, we've provided excellence in dance education for students of all ages. Our mission is simple: We believe that dance lessons can be used...

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